Posted on November 9, 2020 at 4:59 AM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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We have not run background checks before... or we do, but just not consistently. How should we start?
Negative publicity associated with negligent hiring — especially as the result of a less than thorough background check, or worse, no background check — can devastate the very foundation of a trusted organization. Now more than ever, companies should be using regulated, professional background screeners.
Less expensive than you think: The most common reason among employers for not conducting background screens is cost. That background screen cost, however, represents a fraction of the cost involved in turnover, termination, re-recruiting, re-hiring and re-training. And that’s best-case scenario for a bad hire.
Employers may also be looking at legal fees to defend an action brought by a victim, often a customer or fellow employee who was injured by the hire, and litigation often extends into the millions of dollars and causes insurance premiums to increase. Additionally, background screens may uncover a history of fraud or theft, and many organizations — especially retail companies — experience very high levels of employee theft.
By conducting background screens, employers can trust that their employee and prospective employee information is in good hands. Background screeners are subject to strict regulations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as federal, state and local privacy and consumer protection laws, and they are trained to properly handle personally identifiable information.
Conclusion: The bottom line is that the purpose of background screening is to provide the public with safe places to live and work. Organizations like Selection Resources provide employers the tools and expertise to establish and run an effective background screening program. Companies that utilize background screens demonstrate their commitment to ensuring safety while reducing employee turnover.

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