Posted on June 18, 2019 at 8:00 AM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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Many recruiters and hiring managers still rely on gut instinct, unstructured interviewing techniques, and qualitative comparisons to make their hiring decisions. This can lead to poor selection, higher turnover, add days to hiring time and risk the loss of the best candidates to the competition (or to their own biases).

This antiquated hiring approach may be causing many companies to lose precious time in their recruiting cycle, but it also provides an opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to innovate their approach and potentially save time and improve job fit. One of the best ways to improve the hiring process is to add a proven pre-hire assessment.


Quantifying candidates: Making pre-employment assessments part of the pre-screening process provides recruiters with an accurate, data-driven approach to selection.


For high volume jobs, assessments can be administered early in the process, allowing recruiters to focus their efforts on candidates with higher scores. This shortens the decision process and reduces time spent with individuals whose traits do not match the requirements of the job or culture of the company. No amount of gut instinct can give you that kind of confidence.


For individual, high-value roles, assessments provide quantifiable metrics to compare candidates and to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie. For example, if two candidates for a senior sales role with similar backgrounds, but one candidate has higher scores for energy and problem solving, choosing between them just got a lot easier. This kind of data can be vital when considering a handful of similarly qualified candidates.


Conclusion: Pre-hire assessment data takes the uncertainty out of hiring decisions and frees hiring authorities to spend more time engaging with top candidates in interviews, woo them to the company and begin the background screening. In an era where talent is what drives productivity and profits, leveraging every tool to accelerate and improve selection only makes good business sense.