Posted on February 10, 2020 at 5:00 AM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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What are the 5 R's? Refer, Recruit, Recognize, Reward and Retain. The keys to attracting and keeping the people that will drive growth and profitability. We are delivering this brief newsletter to Company Executives, Managers and Human Resource Professionals who have the responsibility of recruiting and retaining the best talent for their organization.  
How do you define good employees or your best people? Do you have some specific criteria that you use? How do you know you're getting anywhere near the best people out there? Do you have any benchmarks or standards to compare against? How much time do you spend in the up front process of figuring out job requirements and laying out the things a person needs to be successful? We find that this area is frequently overlooked in the hiring process. Most companies will spend time interviewing, but they are less willing to give up any time defining core competencies before beginning to recruit.
We all unconsciously look for certain traits in people, and we are usually very adept at determining whether or not a candidate has those traits. What is unfortunate is that we find it difficult to articulate them. And even though we may believe we are choosing candidates solely on the basis of experience and demonstrated skills, our unconscious is always there influencing the decision.

You can improve your recruiting in a number of ways. By taking a few minutes to do these things, you will find the recruiting process faster and more accurate because you will be hiring candidates that you can quickly identify as top performers and are more likely to succeed in the job:
Learn about the marketplace: Whenever managers are asked what the key to their success is, they often say their people. But if you were asked, would you know what the demand is like for the kinds of people you are seeking? Do you have a grasp on how many people with particular experience are in your area? Do you understand what kind of person you can hire for "X" salary? The reality is that there are still shortages of good employees. Keep in mind we are in a very low unemployment environment and it is likely that someone who is employed today is who you want!
Step 1: Get to know and understand your best performers
Who are the people in your company or department who you would like to clone? Try to put why you think they are so good into words. What does this person do on a regular basis that makes them a top performer? What positive behaviors do you see regularly that you believe makes them successful? Are there times you can think of when an employee did something you found exceptional or notable?

Step 2: Develop an assessment process
One of the best ways to make sure that you are in synch on what kinds of people to look for is to put together a process for assessing candidates. Test your top performers, and validate what makes them successful. Then compare your applicants against your top performers "benchmark". Seems to make sense right? This is using Scientific Selection to improve your employee selection accuracy.

Conclusion: By investing in time up front to put consistent process in place and utilizing assessment technology, you can improve the speed with which you fill positions and improve your hiring accuracy! Improved job fit is the path to better productivity and profits.
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