Posted on January 13, 2020 at 5:00 AM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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Despite the clear and documented advantages offered by modern, valid assessments, many organizations remain reluctant toward using them as part of their staffing process. Each year we get asked a lot of questions about assessments. Our hope is that by discussing common FAQ about assessments, we can help provide knowledge and understanding that will ultimately help you contribute to hiring and retaining high potential employees.
Q - Why use assessments, besides they are all the same?
A - Not so, there are many, many differences including legality and validity. It is also important to make sure your Testing Consultant understands your business and hiring objectives. They can recommend the level of test needed for different positions, and quickly define in the benchmarking process, and help you understand basic interpretation of results.
Q - How can I tell which kind of assessment to use and who should provide them to me?
A - Make sure the assessment is valid and have a large sample size. Some tests are better for training and development (like the Myers Briggs), others have much more horsepower (the Achiever) than an easily slanted test like the DISC. Make sure you provider has the experience to help you set a program up and responds quickly to your testing requests.

Q - How do assessments affect the candidate experience?
A - There are many good reasons why your organization should use assessments. Mainly for job fit and development suggestions. Explain this to each candidate and make sure they understand (without sounding arrogant) that this is part of your hiring process and it is important for their career fit and personal development. In our experience, if the reasons why are explained to the candidate then the candidate will view the experience as a positive one.

Q - Will the use of assessments place me at greater risk for legal action?
A - No. In fact, the opposite may be true since a well developed assessment is always objective, consistent and does not discriminate against any protected class.
Look for a test that has never had an adverse finding.
Q - What are the security risks associated with the use of online assessment tools?
A - Through the use of secure servers and passwords, security risks are minimal.

Q - Do assessments really work?
A - Yes. Scientific Selection adds reliable information about the candidate allowing you to make a more informed hiring decision. Remember, the assessment never makes the hiring decision, you do!

Q - How can small organizations benefit from the use of assessments?
A - All sizes of organizations can improve their selection capabilities. Smaller organizations usually hire less frequently, so assessments can really help you focus in on core competencies. A bad hire is one of the most costly mistakes a business can make, and a mistake by a small organization can negatively impact the bottom line!

Q - Are tests too expensive for a small company to use?
A - No, assessments costs are insignificant in comparison to the costs of hiring the wrong person.
Q - What role should an assessment play in the overall staffing strategy?
A - It should be weighed no more than 1/3 in your hiring decision. The other "tests" include interviews, references and background checks should be the majority of the decision. Use them every time you hire someone, and you can improve company productivity and profits.

Conclusion: Have you been on the fence about using assessments? Scientific Selection could reduce the odds of a hiring mistake and ultimately help reduce your turnover. Now may be the time to commit to improving your selection in 2020 with the use of proven assessments.
Oh, by the way...Cutting Edge Information’s financial services "recruiting and hiring report", concludes companies that demonstrate more technologically effective hiring systems also ranked higher in financial performance, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and retention". The report examines strategies used by financial companies to identify, hire and retain talented employees. If you read our blog regularly than you know this is simply re-stating the obvious!