Posted on April 15, 2019 at 5:00 AM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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There a many traits that are common in the most successful employees. However, there is one trait to look for no matter what the position. Candidates without this trait rarely excel in any field.  This one trait stands out as a key to a highly successful employee and those with it tend to do much better regardless of the work they do.

That trait is self-motivation - or as we like to call it, "work ethic". The best employees tend to do more work, they are extremely responsible, they go the extra mile when it's required, they rarely make excuses; they make it happen because it's their job.

Don't mistake self-motivation for an outgoing personality or for someone who appears assertive or ambitious during an interview. Many hiring mistakes are made this way. An achiever's track record, even in small things, is a good place to start identifying a "doer".

Begin your analysis by identifying the core competencies required for a specific position. Then verify a candidate's track record by asking some well designed behaviorally-based interview questions (regarding what they have done and where they want to go), and utilize a reliable personality test instrument to further identify candidates who are competent and also motivated to excel at whatever they do. Then mix in a background check and references and you have the data you need to make a quality hiring decision.

Conclusion: Talent can take a person only so far. Personal responsibility and motivation to achieve is a very real core trait of success. Working until the work is done is a great quality in an employee and Personality Testing can help you do a good job of verifying an individual with that "special drive". Improve your hiring process todayand then take pride in watching them become a top performer!