Posted on March 10, 2019 at 2:57 PM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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Six Critical Factors in a Sales Person - Part 6, Motivation.

Do you know what motivates your employees? Let’s face it, motivation (or lack there of) is key in any job! There are two ends of the motivation scale. Those in sales or others with performance based compensation will usually be highly motivated by rewards and recognition. Then there are others who are motivated by job security and consistent paycheck. Which way do your applicants lean? People who are motivated by security are typically not risk takers, and may not like incentive comp. They will need less recognition than the highly motivated individual who needs those consistent pats on the head for doing a good job. The achiever assessment measures the motivation level of the individual and can tell you how much recognition a person will need to maintain that motivation.


Conclusion: Assessing your exempt level candidates with the achiever is very important since the assessment measures both mental aptitudes as well as the psychological attitude toward their own motivation...essential since motivation or lack thereof can be the determining factor of success in the job. The achiever assessment is a legal, objective and consistent way of selecting the best performers for any job.


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