1) Contrary to popular opinion, criminal and other searches are not 'available online.' Very few county court records are accessible online, and then only with special access procedures and fees. Most of the advertised sources of online criminal history do not come directly from the courts, but is retrieved from databases that are not always accurate or current. Always ask if their searches are direct from the originating source or are they simply pulled from a purchased database.

2) Our clients tell us they value our expertise and knowledge of the process. This helps them navigate the requirements and avoid negligent hiring.

3) Speed and convenience: 24/7 ordering, having a consistent, secure and fast process keeps hiring on track. 

4) Remember, background screening is a service (not a bid and buy product). SR.com takes great pride in our long standing culture to serve clients well, and many clients have been with us since we started offering background searches in 2005.

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