Since 2004, we have been able to offer from our CRA:

  • Technology designed to serve small-and medium-sized businesses.

  • Technology that provides access to criminal data in 2,500 federal, state and local courthouses. Wide variety of comprehensive background and drug screening products, including, but not limited to, criminal records – state, county, federal, and nationwide, driving records, drug and occupational health testing, employment, education and reference verification, and international screening.

  • A wide range of drug-screening services with mobile-optimized candidate self-scheduling.

  • Advanced technology that makes the screening process fast, simple, and affordable.

  • Orders that can be placed through our user-friendly platform by clients or applicants or through integration with HRIS/ATS providers.

  • A secure web-based service to easily request online background checks and other screening services, track pending and completed reports, and securely retrieve and archive completed background reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • A candidate portal allows applicants to complete background checks from any device and receive status updates

  • Built-in compliance including electronic disclosure and authorization processing, hiring criteria consistency and pre-adverse and adverse-action management

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-read reports, along with Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance expertise

  • Excellent client support experience with all operational staff FCRA-certified. And our client data is never offshored.



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