Posted on September 14, 2020 at 5:00 AM by Tom Hamilton, SPHR

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What are the 5 R's? Refer, Recruit, Recognize, Reward and Retain. The keys to attracting and keeping the people that will drive growth and profitability. We are delivering this brief newsletter to Company Executives, Managers and Human Resource Professionals who have the responsibility of recruiting and retaining the best talent for their organization.

And the great race for talent you have a recruiting process that is streamlined, flexible, and tuned to market realities? Your hiring process should be a balance between personal interactions and technology to screen candidates during 1) The application 2) Interviews 3) Testing 4) References and 5) Background checks. You must also create an efficient process that eliminates constraints to getting quality candidates on board. Your website should be clean, informative and modern. Hiring Managers should be trained on how to clearly communicate job needs, be up to date on interview techniques, and be informed of your organizations four step process to get the best recruited. These expectations should be clearly communicated so that the entire process is efficient and effective.

Don't forget the Candidate: Candidates today are looking for a clean and simple recruiting process, one that is fair and can quickly provide feedback (i.e. your Internet testing results came back immediately and you did very well; you are a finalist!) and a decision quickly. Without the ability to move quickly an applicant could take a competitor's offer.

Conclusion: Does your process balance the five keys to successful hiring with an efficient process that allows you to move quickly and hire the best candidates? Utilize the five step recruiting process to reduce costs and improve time to hire.