In the first twenty years the system was used by Industrial Psychologists who administered standardized assessments such as the MMPI, Wonderlic, Stanford Binet, The Thurstone, Strong Campbell, etc. The Psychologists administered the assessments, scored them, often interviewed the candidates, and then dictated their reports in a similar fashion as Industrial Psychologists do today. Many clients felt they needed something quicker and more economical, but with the same accuracy and professionalism. As a result, the publisher created, validated and copyrighted assessments to be job-related instruments. During that era, most assessments available were either educationally oriented or clinically oriented. In fact, we initiated and brought into the American marketplace the first assessment that combined mental aptitudes and personality dimensions, written specifically for use in the business environment. With our years of experience, and the breadth of information for which we assess, our assessments are considered to be one of the most professional business-environment assessments on the market today. Our client quality surveys have graded us to be 90% + accurate.

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