The Achiever family of tests has been validated in accordance with standard psychological procedures. The collective assessments, then known as the Achievement Tec Assessment System (ATAS), have been validated in accordance with the construct validation process, which is considered to be the superior method of validation. This means that the ATAS assessments have been administered to people, along with other standardized assessments, such as the 16PF, MMPI, Wonderlic, Stanford Binet and other well-known instruments, and through comparison, have determined that this assessment system does measures what it professes to measure. Since 1968, the assessments have been maintained with an ongoing procedure of concurrent validation for individual job categories within industries and specific companies. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance reviewed these assessments, and stated that they found nothing discriminatory about the usage of this system, nor is there a need for any individual company to separately validate for a job category. The reason behind this statement is that the reports do not offer a "hire / no-hire" decision, and we consistently suggest that the test results should be taken into consideration along with other hiring factors, such as interviews, experience, references, background checks, etc., before making the final hiring decision.

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