Employment Verification

The verification of an applicant’s employment history can prove invaluable and identify any unexplained gaps in employment. Basic employment verification typically includes dates of employment, job title, the reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire. We also inquire about salary history, punctuality and attendance, strong and weak points, performance, and whether appropriate notice was given. Clients may also request additional questions as necessary.

Education Verification

Most applicants are eager to supply college or continuing education information. This information may be misrepresented in order to receive more favorable consideration. Look for words like "attended" or "completed course work", which implies possession of a degree when, in fact, this may not be the case.

Our default search product is the highest degree earned or last institution attended. However, we will gladly confirm all degrees earned and all institutions attended at a client’s request. High School Diploma verification is also available, as is GED completion. This verification includes dates of attendance, degree received and date of graduation. Academic transcripts, GPA, or grades are not typically available. Due to the proliferation of diploma mills, we will also provide you with a school’s accreditation information at no extra charge for each U.S. post-secondary institution.

Professional License Verification

Many positions require an individual to have received specialized training, certification, or a professional license, we can confirm the information an individual provides. Reports typically include license type, issuing authority and dates of validity. For certain license types, disciplinary history may also be included.

Personal References

Personal references can provide helpful insight into a person’s work ethic and character. Reports typically include information regarding how long and in what capacity the reference has known in the individual, as well as questions about their reliability, trustworthiness, and whether the reference would recommend the person for hire.