It all depends on why you are not hiring them. If the background search revealed information that caused this adverse action, then email our CRA's customer service department immediately and they will begin the adverse action steps required by law.

This question is very difficult to answer. Database searches often only contain what the counties chose to report, and some states do not require county participation - it is strictly on a volunteer basis. Additionally, states can have lengthy turnaround time, causing delays in reports. Our CRA recommends you run the county level checks for the best information, but we can do statewide searches where offered.


All background check information is provided by an FCRA-certified licensed private investigator. The FCRA-certified licensed private investigator, in its entirety, is responsible for ordering technology, report data, federal/state compliance, accuracy, delivery of reports, thoroughness and presenting the information in an understandable format. Thomas Hamilton & Associates and its dba/subsidiaries (THA), is not nor has ever been a consumer reporting agency (CRA) as defined by 15 U.S.C.1681a(f), is not responsible for report compliance, does not compile, produce, prepare, update, or have any input regarding the contents of any background or drug screen reports. THA is not responsible for the CRA's sources or accuracy and is not able to edit or alter any part of a finished background report. All adverse action taken on behalf of employers is performed entirely by the CRA, and the CRA its entirety is responsible for all letters, content and the adverse action process. THA is not a reseller as defined by 15 U.S.C.1681a(u) and does not take possession of reports or resell reports to multiple employers. 

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