Driving records are strongly recommended whenever you have an employee who drives on company time, whether in a company or personal vehicle. Most states include a minimum of 3 years of history, although some go back further. Reports typically include the license status, history of violations (including DUI/DWI) and accidents, and license expiration date. Driving records are also useful for general verification purposes, such as confirmation of the subject’s name, AKA or date of birth.

Instant results are available from almost every state. Records from Canada and some U.S. territories are also available.

Annual / Periodic Driving Record Service

For those employers who need to review employee driving records on an annual or periodic basis, we offer the ability to submit numerous driving record requests simultaneously via our import module. This convenient solution greatly reduces data entry time. In addition, results are typically returned to you the same day and will include a single spreadsheet summary of each individual’s driving status and violation history, making the review of those records extremely efficient.

Commercial Drivers License

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires a three-year driving history on all driver applicants. Clients that employ DOT-regulated drivers can maintain compliance with DOT regulations by obtaining a driving record from every state in which a driver has held a license in the last three years. The CDL’S will search the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) mandated CDL’S database to identify every state in which a driver has held a license. Using this information, we will then pull a driving record from each of those states for the employer to review.