Getting started with a modern approach to hiring the best talent.

We understand every organization can be a little different. But we suggest you always follow the same repeatable employment process for hiring your exempt level staff.

Tell us about your job and our personality testing will tell you whether your candidate is a great fit. Our job testing has far more horsepower for predicting job success than, for example, the Myers Briggs, PDP, Wonderlic or Profiles personality tests!

Here's how our turnkey testing service for small and medium sized employers works:

  1. Source your Candidates:
    Employee Referrals are always one of the best sources. Once you have sourced your candidates, narrow the pool down to a slate of five or less candidates and conduct your initial interview (phone or in person). Make them aware that job tests are part of your hiring process.
  2. Describe the Job:
    This is critical - tell us about the job. We email you the benchmarking form, and in about 10 minutes you can establish the core competencies to be successful in the job. Email us the form back and we email you the on-line codes for your candidates.
  3. We build the Job Benchmark:
    We use your ratings and our experience to create customized job benchmarks for each position. These target benchmarks identity the behaviors and talents you need in a top performing employee. 
  4. Employment Testing:
    The candidates are emailed the instructions and online passcodes and they complete it online. Our assessment reveals how candidates are hard-wired. We zero in on their unique talents and identify the personality traits that will drive their performance in the job. 
  5. Get the Results:
    As soon as they complete the assessment testing, we will review and email you our summary and the complete report. You’ll see a pictorial that at a glance tells you where your candidate hits or misses your targets. If there's a mismatch, you'll easily identify whether it's off by a little or a lot. We'll also explain how any mismatches correlate together and could lead to performance issues! We alert you to which scores might not be all that important and which ones are critical to success. Contact us to see an example report.
  6. Conduct a killer 2nd interview:
    A great interview will help you make a great hire! The assessment includes candidate specific interview questions to help you conduct great behavior-based interviews. We provide you with probing questions that generate insightful, revealing answers. You'll gain a deeper understanding not only of what your candidate can do but how he or she does it!
  7. Compare Candidates:
    Are you considering two or more people for an open position? Our profile offers a great tool for side-by-side comparisons of candidates. It helps you clearly see hits and misses so you can more easily decide which individual is the best fit. We recommend weighing the job testing about 1/3 of your hiring decision.
  8. Background Check Search:
    Negligent hiring is a real concern for businesses of all sizes. Never skip this step even if you think you know the person. Just speak up and we can take care of all the necessary background checking for you.
  9. Offer the best Candidate the job and then watch them perform!
    We recommend you share the assessment testing results with the candidates you hire. The report includes specific development suggestions based on their weaknesses. Get them started on the right track for personal growth and better productivity from Day 1 on the job! 
  10. A Long-Term Management Tool:
    Once you've made a hiring decision, we can help you understand how to get the best possible performance from your new team member. The assessment testing results suggest strategies for improving on areas of weakness. To assist Management in implementing these strategies, we also provide a Custom Development Action Plan. This can help get the best possible results out of each person who joins your team.
  11. In Plain English:
    Hate those aptitude assessment tests that are full of psychological jargon and technical terms?  Frustrated by lengthy reports that leave you more confused than clear?  Us too. That’s why our employment assessment tests use straight-forward business language. We provide useful information to make a better hiring decision. 
  12. What if we hire a lot of people annually?
    If you think you will test more than 30 people a year there is some cost advantages in purchasing your own inventory of assessments. You are then in total control of your Assessment testing.


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