Online applications with smart screening can enable your team to make better hiring decisions that result in improved productivity, reduced costs and reduced risk from non-compliance with federal and state regulations. We can upgrade your career website to provide an electronic process for applicant record taking and record keeping that eliminates paper and saves managements time.

Our applicant management system is just like having your own assessment center. We provide a database-driven career website that screens and tests an applicant against your best people, is a non-discriminatory process for hiring and candidate selection, defines legally who an applicant is for reporting processes, and maintains legal recordkeeping for state and federal laws. This gives your organization the ability to archive applicant information in various folders electronically, retrieve Affirmative Action data and compile *reports from the data, etc. There will no longer be a need for paper files, since this data can be printed or exported.

Candidate Application Process

An approved webpage displaying your logo/brand and corporate information about your organization is posted and linked from your existing website. Candidates resumé and background check information is gathered and stored. The applicant is thanked for applying with an email.

Hiring Authority

Can then log-in and sort applicants by raw prescreen score, read the applications and résumés, view test results and order an automatic background check. Real-time EEOC and applicant survey data is available 24/7. View survey results for where the applicant heard about the job and where they applied from or other key metrics*.

Our applicant tracking system ultimately brings efficiencies to the application process, saves time, and takes costs out of the hiring process. To learn more or see a demonstration, Contact us.

* Reports can be customized.