A test for hourly applicants that can enhance dependability and reduce employee turnover.

We are now offering a testing product that is specifically designed to reduce costs and improve productivity of your Hourly Employees. Using assessments that measure the traits that make a dependable warehouse worker or an outstanding customer service employee can help you hire candidates who are most likely to learn quickly, perform well, and stay on the job longer. 

In about 5-15 minutes, your hourly applicants can complete an on-line assessment and you can see the results compared to your custom benchmark immediately.

This screening tool measures competencies such as:

  • Energy: Measures the individual's energy and drive level, as well as ability to work under pressure
  • Flexibility: Measures the individual's ethics, honesty, reliability and dependability as this trait relates to handling customers' needs and/or following company policies and procedures
  • Communication: Measures an individual's ability to meet and deal with people
  • Emotional Development: Measures an individual's ego, self-confidence and patience in dealing with people, situations and stress
  • Assertiveness: Measures the individual's ability to take orders and directions from others
  • Mental Toughness: Measures sensitivity in style vs. tough mindedness

The assessment can include:

  • An admissions section on theft, alcohol and drug abuse
  • A basic job fit score in the areas of ability to meet and deal with people, customer service orientation and team spirit
  • A dependability / reliability score
  • An optional math section (add, subtract, multiply, divide and fractions. Many of our retail, banking and gaming clients utilize this version)

With scores in job fit, honesty, reliability and dependability, the applicant will receive a final grade:

  • A - highly recommended
  • B - recommended
  • C - not recommended

This assessment is ideal when you are experiencing turnover with hourly employees. Reduce this costly turnover by raising the bar with similar predictability as the Achiever assessment. Hire and manage smarter with Selection Resources. Contact us for more information.