Selection Resources Testimonials

Assessment Testimonials

Sheila Laing, VP - HR

“ has helped us design, measure & implement an effective assessment program in all 260+ locations.”

John Bruntz, CEO
The Wittern Group


"SR.coms' services have been invaluable in building our management team and for 3 companies for whom I am on the Board of Directors." 

Joanne Nikles, HR Administrator
Insta-Pro International, Ltd.

We are so glad we’ve started using this tool!


Leslie August, Sr. VP

“We had turnover rates and staffing issues. A key factor in correcting this has been the use of your assessments. The results have been fantastic!”

Geoff Marsh, VP HR

“Their testing tools have been extremely valuable in assessing our candidates. You will be very satisfied.”

Ron Donacik, Health Center Administrator

“My experience is that the testing provides a near-mirror image into the applicant. I would fully recommend”

Greg Shireman, VP, Marketing & Sales

“The testing is a crucial tool in offering insight to the candidate's capabilities. I find the tool to be accurate and insightful for creating a win/win”

Mike Lang, SPHR, HR Manager

“We are extremely satisfied with their service and professionalism. We strongly recommend them.”

Antonieta Caicedo, HR Manager

“Selection Resources offers wonderful tools for HR professionals and Hiring Managers.”

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Selection Resources is a leading provider of employee selection tools and expertise that helps our clients connect employment decisions to business results. Our advanced assessment testing, background checking and applicant management software help drive a company's financial performance by streamlining hiring processes, improving employee selection and reducing employee turnover. Selection Resources has been part of the Hamilton Group since 1999, and we serve hundreds of clients nationwide from small entrepreneurial organizations to multi-location fortune 500 businesses.

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