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Aptitude Tests

In addition to the personality fit a position may require, there are certain attitudes and knowledge requirements that can help identify job fit. For instance, our Aptitude Assessment Test for sales identifies the appropriate knowledge for success as a sales professional.

We have identified three areas that require specific knowledge, experience and the right attitude for success.

Aptitude assessment test for Sales:

The survey examines the acquired sales knowledge and sophistication of a professional salesperson. The report itemizes:

  • Attitude / Sales Personality
  • Time Management
  • Finding the Suspect / Prospect
  • Determining Needs and Developing Rapport
  • The Sales Presentation
  • Handling Objections
  • Closing the Sale

Aptitude assessment test for Leadership:

This survey determines the individual's knowledge and experience in a position of leadership. The report examines:

  • Attitude / Leadership Personality
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Staffing
  • Leading
  • Facilitating

Aptitude assessment test for Customer Service:

This survey focuses on attributes that come with experience and training in the customer service arena. The report lists:

  • Attitude / Customer Service Personality
  • Time Management
  • Knowledge of Product / Service
  • Developing and Maintaining Rapport
  • Identifying Problems, Needs and Desires
  • Meeting the Customer’s Need and Increasing the Order
  • Order Entry, Fulfillment and Follow Through

Each aptitude assessment test provides a score pattern along with a narrative explaining the individual's strengths and learning needs. Where there is a need for improvement, development ideas are suggested.

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