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"The price of admission being in the retail business today, at a big scale, has gone up quite a bit. If you aren’t able to use technology to be more efficient you will not survive. The old ways of doing business are leaving us quickly. The largest retailer in the world is expanding in the Midwest and they happen to have great advancements in technology. You’d better be pretty strong technologically or you’re not going to be around."

Ric Jurgens
CEO - Hy-Vee Inc.
Privately Held Grocery Chain with 260+ stores and 61,000+ employees

Applicant tracking executive summary:

Online applications with smart screening can enable your team to make better hiring decisions that result in improved productivity, reduced costs and reduced risk from non-compliance with federal and state regulations. We can upgrade your career website to provide an electronic process for applicant record taking and record keeping that eliminates paper and saves managements time.

Our applicant management system is just like having your own assessment center. We provide a database-driven career website that screens and tests an applicant against your best people, is a non-discriminatory process for hiring and candidate selection, defines legally who an applicant is for reporting processes, and maintains legal recordkeeping for state and federal laws. This gives your organization the ability to archive applicant information in various folders electronically, retrieve Affirmative Action data and compile reports from the data, etc. There will no longer be a need for paper files, since this data can be printed or exported.

 What About EEOC and OFCCP compliance requirements?

Our web-based career sites are designed to assist employers with EEOC and OFCCP compliance requirements relative to the collection, storage and analysis of data from the employment selection process. We offer a unique portal that automatically differentiates a qualified applicant from a jobseeker as required by the OFCCP’s definition of an internet applicant. Further, it allows analysis of applicant data in each step of the selection process. This data analysis is crucial for employers subject to OFCCP compliance since it allows proactive monitoring of the selection process to identify potential adverse impact. And, our Online Applicant Management System stores all data on applicants to be readily retrieved for EEOC reporting or OFCCP compliance audits.

It encompasses the EEOC and OFCCP’s definition of a job applicant vs. a job seeker. It uses a clear-cut method of screening which is not left up to interpretation by a manager or HR personnel. Is standardized according to the Federal Uniform Employment Guidelines that separate an applicant from a job seeker. The E.C. follows procedures as published in the Federal Register on October 7, 2005 in vol 70, no.194 @ page 58946. Employers who must comply with OFCCP guidelines must have a nondiscriminatory system in place to differentiate an applicant from a job seeker and to keep that information for reporting, desk, company, or compliance audit.

Can this help me avoid legal trouble?

Yes. Our applicant management system stores and categorizes all job seeker data in electronic files, whether qualified or not. Consequently, if the employer is filed against for discrimination in the hiring process in a few months or a few years, that data can be accessed by job seeker name, social security number, job category applied for or date of application, and the entire complaint data file is then quickly, easily and readily constructed and can be printed to prove the job seeker did not meet the job pre-screening requirements. The electronically maintained data file will contain all the data on both the job seeker who did not meet the job requirements and the applicant who did meet the requirements, and will reflect the employer’s action regarding which applicants’ data was viewed. Thus, the employer has an “audit trail” of the actions taken with the most qualified applicants from which a hiring decision was made. This data is also readily available for compiling EEO-1, OFCCP and VETS-100 reports.

Candidate Application Process:

  • An approved webpage displaying your logo/brand and corporate information about your organization is posted and linked from your existing website.
  • When applicants go to the webpage they would choose a broad job category in which to apply.
  • Candidates then have the ability to see the open job titles.
  • Candidates would be able to view particular job descriptions, choose to apply, pick a location and then:
    • Complete 10+ prescreening questions (customized for each job) related to the respective job to determine if they are a qualified applicant.
    • Complete your full application online (the same as your paper application now) for the respective location.
    • Complete background check employment forms (not viewable to administration)
    • Have the option to attach their résumé.
    • Agree to terms, sign off for background checks or any other application step necessary.
    • Voluntarily complete an affirmative action form.
    • Job testing: Complete a short personality test that gives them an "A", "B" or "C" rating for job fit and dependability. 
    • Complete a short "admissions survey" about theft from a previous employer, drug and alcohol abuse. 
    • Candidates will then be thanked for applying, log off and are sent a confirmation e-mail.

The Hiring Authority can then log-in and sort applicants by raw prescreen score, read the applications and résumés, view test results and order an automatic background check. Real-time EEOC and applicant survey data is available 24/7. View survey results for where the applicant heard about the job and where they applied from or other key metrics*.

Other benefits:

  • Brings consistency to you recruiting process. Only the applicants that meet your standards are interviewed.
  • The ability to have a “One Stop” 24/7 career website to direct candidates to apply for all locations. Each item normally handled on paper is completed on the web.
  • Reduce the risk of theft by not hiring or re-hiring high-risk employees.
  • Considerable efficiencies and cost savings are brought to the hiring process; most notably, the saving of time interviewing unqualified applicants and the improved productivity and retention from hiring the best qualified applicants. This will help reduce costly turnover.
  • Additional features available include: Forms for consent /release of pertinent data for background checks. Forms for State and Federal Tax Credit processing (from $1,500 to $7,500 per employee).
  • Improves your ability to compete with other employers for quality employees.
  • The applicant management system gives you the ability to run reports by location (such as Affirmative Action data).

Our applicant tracking system ultimately brings efficiencies to the application process, saves time, and takes costs out of the hiring process. To see a demonstration, Contact us.


* Reports can be customized

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