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We are specialists in employment testing offering large employers:

  • A family of predictive assessments from Entry to the Executive level.
  • Integration into your career portal or applicant tracking system.
  • Customization: Modular test design allows you to mix and match different measurements (ten personality dimensions, six different mental measures including basic math. An aptitude assessment module in the knowledge of sales, leadership or customer service. Optional drug/alcohol and theft admissions).
  • Concurrent validation studies available to replicate your top performers in each job.   
  • Training for the HR department in use and interpretation.
  • Technical support line for administrators and applicants.
  • Secure data hosting.
  • Volume discounts.
  • Outcomes consulting available for ROI reporting.

Employment Assessment Tests Are Also In Spanish

The Best Hire:  For non-exempt/hourly positions. From 3-6 personality variables that measure things like customer service orientation, energy, mental toughness and dependability/reliability. It also offers the option to include an admissions survey on theft and the use of alcohol/drugs on the job. Custom integration into your career portal or applicant tracking system is available. If your employees come in contact with your customers, this is the ideal product to use for identifying those who are good at customer service.

The Achiever: The perfect pre-employment test or exempt level positions including full time staff, management, professional, engineering or other technical jobs. 6 intelligence measures, 10 personality variables, validity scales and management comparisons. Determines whether the applicant has the aptitudes and behaviors required to successfully perform in the job.

The Sales Achiever: For all your sales and sales management positions. 6 intelligence measures, 10 personality variables, sales comparisons, management comparisons and validity scales. Ascertains whether the applicant has the aptitudes and behaviors required to successfully perform in a sales environment.

The Answer: For development purposes and all internal staff. 5 intelligence measures,10 personality variables and validity scales.

The Executive Achiever: The perfect leadership assessment for executives and senior level decision makers. 6 intelligence measures, 10 personality variables, validity scales, 7 management competencies and an aptitude assessment test of leadership in 7 key areas. Interview questions, plus development suggestions. Determines whether the individual has the leadership ability to be successful in the job. Also used extensively for leadership succession planning.

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